My face

I am currently a postdoc at Institut Curie in Jean-Léon Maître’s lab.

I completed my PhD as a joint student between James Briscoe’s lab at the Francis Crick Institute and Peter Sollich’s group at King’s College London. My research focused on the understanding of cell fate decision from the perspective of biology as a dynamical system. I employed a variety of tools borrowed from statistical physics and mathematics to understand these systems’ fundamental properties. In particular, I explored the properties of conserved modules in regulatory networks and how this affects biologically relevant aspects such as fate specification time, patterning precision or robustness to perturbations. I combined my theoretical analysis with experimental techniques in order to assure our asseverations are consistent biologically.

For the last year of my undergraduate degree I undertook a one year internship in Patrick Müller’s lab at the Friedrich Miescher Laboratory of the Max Planck Society in Tübingen, Germany. Where I worked on understanding dorso-ventral patterning of gastrulating embryos using a combination of fluorescent labelling, light sheet microscopy and computational analysis.

Apart from learning about and doing science, I enjoy playing tennis, reading novels (very slowly) and watching old movies.